DiscAbilities; empowerment through non-contact, co-educational activities!










Millions of people have played with Frisbees, but did you know that for more than 20 years flying discs have also been playing a more important role. Many flying disc (Frisbee) sports and games offer exciting opportunities for fun and physical exercise.


DiscAbilities is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration with NYC's Hunter College & Easter Seals "Project HAPPY", NYC Parks & Recreation, Public Schools, etc. in applying specially designed disc activities to benefit thousands of people. This includes: at-risk youth and people of all ages with physical, developmental and emotional challenges. Because flying discs come in so many sizes and materials (large, small, soft cloth, foam, self-balancing, illuminated, even some that make noise...) they are especially appropriate for people with growing bodies, or who have challenges of almost any type.


Our creative programs enhance coordination and dexterity while building self-confidence. Many people who have found it difficult to succeed, or even participate in many traditional sports, enjoy the thrill of success and a boost to their self esteem through our programs. We promote the importance of teamwork and having fun as the most valued prize to a true winner.